Walnut Creek Spotlight | Issue #003

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In this Walnut Creek Spotlight Issue…

 ☀️ Walnut Creek, CA Weather

 📅 Lots of Events This Week in The Walnut Creek Area!

  🏀 High School Basketball Excitement in Walnut Creek as Northgate Broncos Face Concord Bears

 🇮🇹 Melo's: A Taste of Italy in Walnut Creek

January 19th

January 20th

January 21st

High School Basketball Excitement in Walnut Creek as Northgate Broncos Face Concord Bears

The upcoming high school basketball game between the Northgate Broncos and the Concord Bears is set to be a clash of contrasting fortunes. Northgate enters the game with an impressive winning streak, while Concord aims to overcome a series of recent defeats.

Melo's: A Taste of Italy in Walnut Creek

In the heart of Walnut Creek, CA, lies Melo's Pizza & Pasta, a family-owned beacon of Italian cuisine. With roots in Calabria, Italy, and over 50 years in Contra Costa County, Melo's blends traditional Italian cooking with a Californian twist.

Founded by brothers Carmelo and Gaetano Piccolo, who emigrated from Italy in 1956, Melo's began as a simple pizzeria. It has since evolved, thanks to the family's commitment to authentic, flavorful Italian dishes​​.

Melo's Italian Table in Walnut Creek showcases this culinary heritage. The menu is a feast of Italian favorites, from the richly flavored Calabrian chili wings to the classic Margherita pizza. Each dish emphasizes freshness and quality, with a promise of no trans fats or hydrogenated oils​​​​.

This bustling eatery is more than a restaurant; it's a slice of Italian life. It's where traditional recipes meet modern creativity, creating a space perfect for family dinners, romantic evenings, or business lunches. At Melo's, every guest is treated like family, ensuring a dining experience that is both authentically Italian and uniquely Californian.

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