Walnut Creek Spotlight | Issue #004

This Week in Walnut Creek: Unpack Events, Homeownership Dreams, and a Slice of Italy!

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🌧️ Walnut Creek, CA Weather

 📅 Lots of Events This Week in The Walnut Creek Area!

  🏠 Dreams of Homeownership Become Reality in Walnut Creek Thanks to Habitat for Humanity

 🇮🇹 Spotlight on Pizzalina: A Slice of Community and Craftsmanship in Walnut Creek

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Dreams of Homeownership Become Reality in Walnut Creek Thanks to Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is making strides in Walnut Creek, California, by providing affordable housing solutions to low-income families. By mobilizing community support and volunteerism, they're addressing the critical need for affordable living spaces in a region characterized by its steep housing market … Read More

Pizzalina Is Coming To Walnut Creek

In the bustling Countrywood Shopping Center of Walnut Creek, a new culinary gem is set to illuminate the local dining scene: Pizzalina. This much-anticipated expansion brings the heart of Marin County’s beloved Neapolitan pizza to the East Bay, offering a slice of Italian culinary tradition with a local twist.

Pizzalina isn’t just a restaurant; it's a destination. A neighborhood-gathering place that celebrates the simple art of making food with love and sharing it. At its core, Pizzalina is about community, craftsmanship, and the belief that eating together enriches us all.

The Walnut Creek location promises to serve up the same delicious, hand-stretched, artisan wood-fired pizza that has made its Marin counterpart a favorite. But it’s not just about pizza. The menu boasts rustic Italian cuisine, featuring locally sourced ingredients and a dedication to freshness that shines through in every dish. From the locally milled flour to the Bianco di Napoli tomatoes and house-made mozzarella, Pizzalina is a testament to the power of quality ingredients.

Owners Michael and Jacqueline Baker bring their passion for food and community to Walnut Creek, following the success of their San Anselmo location. They are dedicated to supporting local schools, athletic programs, and non-profits, truly embedding themselves within the community they serve.

What sets Pizzalina apart is not just its food but its commitment to creating a space where everyone feels welcome and valued. The Bakers emphasize hospitality, treating guests, suppliers, and team members with kindness, respect, and generosity. This philosophy extends to their approach to dining, where the experience of breaking bread together is seen as a core aspect of human connection.

The Walnut Creek location, nestled at 2064 Treat Blvd in the Countrywood Shopping Center, is eagerly anticipated by locals. While it’s still in the final stages of opening, the community's excitement is palpable. The new outpost will slightly tweak its menu to possibly include different pizza styles, hinting at an exciting culinary exploration ahead.

For those eager to join the Pizzalina family, the Walnut Creek location is hiring, seeking individuals who share their passion for food and community. With its combination of artisanal cuisine, a commitment to local ingredients, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere, Pizzalina is poised to become a beloved staple in Walnut Creek’s dining scene.

Pizzalina embodies the belief that good food, made with care and shared with the community, is not just a business, but a higher calling. As Walnut Creek residents await its official opening, the promise of Pizzalina brings a taste of Italian warmth and camaraderie to the East Bay, inviting all to gather around the table and enjoy the simple pleasures of a meal well made.

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