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High-Stakes Legal Drama, Supporting Ruth Bancroft Garden, & the Best Pancakes in Town

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🚔 Bail Set at $2.3 Million for Walnut Creek Resident in Attempted Murder, Torture Case

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 🥞 Flipping Success: How Sunrise Bistro Became Walnut Creek's Go-To for Pancakes and More

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Question: Which country consumes the most coffee per capita, making it the world's leading coffee-consuming nation?

A) Brazil B) Finland C) Italy D) USA

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Who Has The Best Mexican Food In Walnut Creek?


Who Has The Best Mexican Food In Walnut Creek?

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Upcoming Local Events

Tuesday, March 12th

Wednesday, March 13th

Thursday, March 14th

Bail Set at $2.3 Million for Walnut Creek Resident in Attempted Murder, Torture Case

In Walnut Creek, a 23-year-old man is charged with the attempted murder and torture of his girlfriend, with bail set at $2.3 million. He allegedly fired at her as she tried to flee their apartment. Police found a firearm, ammunition, and evidence of a recent shooting at their residence. The victim, hospitalized for her injuries, reported the assault, leading to the man's arrest and forthcoming preliminary court hearing in April.

Dine Out for a Cause: Support Ruth Bancroft Garden at Mendocino Farms

On March 14th, from 2:00 pm until 9:00 pm, a unique fundraising event will take place at Mendocino Farms in Walnut Creek, aimed at supporting the Ruth Bancroft Garden.

This event invites the community to partake in an enjoyable meal at Mendocino Farms, where 20% of the proceeds from sales made by attendees will directly benefit the Garden. To participate, guests can either present a specific flyer at the checkout or make their orders online using a special code: GIVEBACK. It's important to note that all purchases must be made on the day of the event, as pre-scheduled orders will not be included in the fundraiser. This gathering is not just a chance to enjoy mouthwatering dishes but also a wonderful opportunity to contribute to the preservation and enhancement of the Ruth Bancroft Garden. Everyone is encouraged to spread the word and bring along friends and family for a delightful dining experience that supports a good cause.

Flipping Success: How Sunrise Bistro Became Walnut Creek's Go-To for Pancakes and More

Sunrise Bistro has been a beacon of culinary excellence and sustainable dining since its establishment in 1981. With a mission deeply rooted in spreading healthy, high-quality, and delicious food across the Bay Area, this beloved local gem not only caters to the taste buds but also to the well-being of its community and the environment.

From its inception, Sunrise Bistro has championed a philosophy of cooking that prioritizes freshness and sustainability. The Bistro's commitment to making almost everything in-house, from baking sandwich breads to crafting its own exquisite salad dressings, is a testament to its dedication to real food. This dedication extends beyond the kitchen to its sourcing practices, where organic ingredients are preferred, showcasing their leadership in sustainable dining.

But what sets Sunrise Bistro apart is not just its commitment to sustainability or its home-made approach. It's the recognition and accolades that underscore the bistro's impact and quality. Having been awarded the “Best of the East Bay, Catering” by Diablo Magazine and the “Best of Walnut Creek, Brunch” by Walnut Creek Magazine, Sunrise Bistro stands as a paragon of culinary excellence. Moreover, its pancakes have been voted the best in Walnut Creek by readers of Walnut Creek Spotlight, adding a sweet note to its numerous achievements.

At the heart of Sunrise Bistro's ethos is a service-oriented mindset that places customer satisfaction at the forefront. This principle has not only won them awards but also the hearts of those who've had the pleasure of dining in their cozy establishment or enjoying their catering services. Their real food philosophy, minimizing the addition of any processed foods or ingredients, ensures that every meal is not only delicious but also nourishing.

Sunrise Bistro and Catering's journey from a local eatery established in 1981 to a cornerstone of the Bay Area's dining scene is a story of passion, commitment, and unwavering dedication to the community. It stands as a shining example of how businesses can thrive by sticking to their core values, prioritizing sustainability, and delivering unmatched quality and service.

For those who've yet to experience the magic of Sunrise Bistro, it beckons as a must-visit destination. Whether you're in search of Walnut Creek's best pancakes, a sustainable brunch option, or catering services that stand out for their quality and commitment to real food, Sunrise Bistro is a place where every visit feels like coming home to a meal prepared with care and conscience.

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The Answer to the Walnut Creek Spotlight Hook Trivia Question 👇👇👇

B) Finland

Finland. Finns are the top coffee drinkers in the world, consuming an impressive amount of coffee on a per-person basis. This might come as a surprise to many, considering the strong coffee cultures in countries like Italy and Brazil!

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