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Mayor Haskew Updates, Hakashi Sushi Bar Opening & Babysitting Workshop

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Mayor Loella Haskew gives her monthly update on the City of Walnut Creek

Sushi Lovers Rejoice: Walnut Creek Welcomes Hakashi Sushi Bar & Grill

Hakashi Sushi Bar & Grill has made a splash in Walnut Creek with the grand opening of its new location at 1385 N Main St, bringing a slice of San Francisco's celebrated sushi scene to the area. Diners looking to indulge in a sublime sushi experience can now head to the heart of Walnut Creek, where the restaurant serves up its trademark culinary elegance. Chef Julio, a protégé of the revered Norihiko Suzuki from Fukushima, Japan, is at the helm, ensuring each dish from Omakase to Nigiri and Sashimi is a masterpiece of flavor.

The restaurant's dedication to a minimalist yet sophisticated approach to sushi is now accessible to a new community of food enthusiasts. Guests eager to savor Chef Julio’s handcrafted sushi creations or to simply greet the chef can contact Hakashi Sushi Bar & Grill at (925) 433-5068 or visit for more information.

Empower Your Childcare Skills: Join the Babysitting for Beginners Workshop

Babysitting for Beginners Workshop: Empowering Young Minds with Essential Skills

On Saturday, March 23rd, from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM, a pivotal workshop is set to take place, targeting youths aged 10 to 16 interested in mastering the art and responsibility of babysitting. This educational opportunity, aptly titled "Babysitting for Beginners," is designed to equip aspiring babysitters with a comprehensive skill set essential for ensuring both the safety and enjoyment of children under their care.

Under the expert guidance of Morgan Dziad, a seasoned educator with over a decade of experience in the field of education across three countries, participants will delve into a variety of crucial topics. These include child development insights, effective bedtime strategies, discipline techniques, securing babysitting jobs, and ways to make the babysitting experience enjoyable for both the caregiver and children. Furthermore, the workshop will cover vital information on basic first aid, general safety precautions, and emergency response procedures.

Designed to be both informative and interactive, the session encourages attendees to dress comfortably for active participation and to bring their lunch. Upon completion, participants will be awarded a certificate, marking their readiness and competence in the babysitting realm.

Morgan Dziad's background in education, coupled with her practical experience as a mother of three and her tenure as the founder and instructor of Babysitting for Beginners across over ten cities in Northern California, positions her as an ideal mentor for aspiring young babysitters. Her dedication to fostering a love for lifelong learning and responsible childcare shines through in this workshop, promising a rewarding and enriching experience for all involved.


Tai Chi: @ Walnut Creek Library - Mondays at 10:15 AM

Qi Gong Drop-In (Seniors): @ Civic Park Community Center - Wednesdays at 12 PM

Bridge Drop-In (Seniors): @ Civic Park Community Center - Wednesdays at 12:30 PM

Mah Jong Drop-In (Seniors): @ Civic Park Community Center - Wednesdays at 1 PM

Farmer’s Market Walnut Creek: @ Locust St - Sundays at 9 AM. Learn More

Spring Fling Taste & Toast: @ Broadway Plaza - Wednesday 3/20 at 5 PM. Buy Tickets


Peek-A-Book Storytime: @ Ygnacio Valley Library - Tuesdays at 10:15 AM

Baby Storytime: @ Walnut Creek Library - Tuesdays at 12 PM

Toddler Storytime & Play: @ Walnut Creek Library - Thursdays at 10:15 AM

Arts & Crafts

Food & Drink

Trivia + Karaoke Night: @ Retro Junkie - Wednesdays at 6 PM

Geeks Who Drink Trivia: @ Rotator Taproom - Wednesdays at 6:30 PM

Karaoke Wednesday: @ Bourbon Highway - Wednesdays at 8 PM. See Video

Self-Defense Class @ Rotator Taproom - Thursday 3/21 at 6:30 PM.

Live Music/Dance

Salsa Tuesdays: @ Retro Junkie - Tuesdays at 6 PM. Learn More

Line Dancing Lessons: @ Bourbon Highway - Tuesday, Thursday - Saturday at 8 PM. See Video

GOING DOWN (Aerosmith Tribute) + DESTROYER (KISS Tribute) @ Retro Junkie - Friday 3/22 at 6 PM. Learn More

Rod Stewart & The Rolling Stones Tributes! 2 Great Bands – One Great Night! @ Retro Junkie - Saturday 3/22 at 6 PM. Learn More


The Great Leap: @ Lesher Center of the Arts - 3/16 - 4/7. Tickets

Best of San Francisco Stand Up Comedy: @ Lesher Center of the Arts - 2/24 - 8/31 on Saturdays. Tickets

The Saklan School Annual Concert - Expressions of Love: @ Lesher Center of the Arts - Tuesday 3/19 at 4:30 PM. Tickets

Mamma Mia Spring Musical: @ Las Lomas High School - 3/22 - 3/24 and 3/29 - 3/30. Learn More

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